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My name is Sara...

and my mission is to give people access to natural remedies made in a spiritually-minded manner to improve health and decrease reliance on harsh, chemical-laden alternatives.

My father is a doctor, my grandfather was a doctor, and my sister just graduated medical school and is officially a doctor. We have the ‘healer’ gene in our family lineage. While most of my family has chosen the western medicine route, I have diverted from the traditional path and have chosen the eastern medicine route. While I believe there is a very important place for western medicine, I think everyone should incorporate eastern medicine into their daily wellness routine so that we may prevent the need for western medicine. Because I grew up with a family of doctors, taking antibiotics upon any sign of sickness was the norm for my family. On top of over antibiotic use, we also ate a typical western diet full of processed foods.  In our household, we ate Wendy’s on Wednesday, pizza on Friday, and a home cooked meal was Stouffer’s lasagne. While growing up, I was seemingly healthy and barely got sick. However, upon graduating college, all that changed.

Seemingly “out of the blue”, I developed asthma and a number of food allergies. For instance, I went from drinking 3 glasses of milk a day to all of a sudden getting violently ill at the taste of dairy. The funny thing about health is that we think if we ‘feel good’, we’re healthy. But when you ask a heart attack survivor how they felt the morning of their heart attack, more often than not, they say they felt fine. Health is not defined by how we feel. It is defined by how we heal. Often times, we don’t experience symptoms until things have gotten pretty bad internally. Our bodies are amazingly good at healing themselves if we give them the right tools and the right lifestyles to do so. Thus, I did not develop my health issues over night; my health had been declining for years and finally came to a head when I started experiencing symptoms. These health problems involving asthma and food allergies led me back to basics: less processed foods, whole ingredients, and a holistic approach to healing the body.

At the time of the onslaught of my symptoms, I was living in North Carolina and working in the consumer packaged goods industry. I was working with big food brands like Nestle and Kellogg everyday. I slowly began waking up to the reality of our food system. It is driven by large, profit-hungry companies that don’t care about their consumers’ health. They use the cheapest ingredients possible and produce processed, harmful, (sometimes addictive) foods. Fortunately, around this time, I also began working with a number of smaller, natural food companies. Companies that not only cared about their consumers, but cared about the impact they were having on the world, on the environment, on the farmers. I moved to Austin, TX in 2014 to really specialize in the natural food space and to advise brands that worked closely with Whole Foods. The world of supply chain and ingredient sourcing unfolded in front of my eyes.  I discovered how powerful the dollar can be when purchasing products that are ethically-sourced and sustainably-made. I believe every dollar we spend is a vote we cast for how we want things to be and how we want the world to operate. 

I started to eat a well-balanced, largely plant-based diet with a focus on sustainability. As my world opened up to natural foods, the desire to live a holistic life transpired to other facets of my life. I started to turn towards herbal medicine, using herbs as a support and healing system for my health issues. I began my own research, reading books, taking classes, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve put in hundreds of hours worth of study at The Sacred Journey School of Herbalism here in Austin, studying both inside the classroom and outside in the field. I’ve learned how to be a steward of the medicinal plants, the natural world, and the Earth herself. I believe herbalists connect people with plants so that both may partner on a healing journey. I love what I do and I look forward to learning for the rest of my life.  

Through herbal medicine, a better diet, and a more holistic approach to life, I've been able to heal some of my most cumbersome health ailments. I haven't had to use my inhaler in years and I can now eat foods that previously my body rejected. I truly believe that food is medicine and making these herbal remedies connects me to the healing power that Mother Earth can provide.

I make all of my medicines in small batches with the utmost attention to quality. Everything is sourced in a sustainable and spiritual manner. I grow a lot of the medicinal plants in my yard. I also harvest in the wild around Austin. If growing or wild harvesting are not options, then I source from ethical, sustainable, organic farms. Each medicine and plant I work with has a story. I love plants and I honor the spirits they have within. If you’re ever curious about one of my medicines or one of the plants I partner with, please let me know. I love sharing their stories!

I hope you find healing, health, and happiness in this lifetime. If I can help in any way, please let me know. I really can’t wait to share the healing power of plants with you :)