Natural Underground Podcast

I had the privilege to be a guest on The Natural Underground podcast and had the best time! I would be honored if you took the time to listen.

Here’s a synopsis on the episode according to Jesselyn, the wonderful host of the Natural Underground:


Out of the Studio & On Location:
Enjoy This Episode of The Natural Underground as Jesselyn Travels
to an East Austin, Texas Garden to Learn About the Benefits of Herbalism!

It's a blazing hot day in Texas, but that doesn't stop The Natural Underground from telling a good story. On this episode, I meet with Sara Steinbeck, an herbalist living on the east side of Austin, Texas. This part of Austin is notorious for cottage style houses, foodie restaurants and live music. There is not a lot of open land here, but that doesn't stop Sara's blossoming garden from growing vibrantly. 


Sara owns a company called Buona Sara, and she specializes in making high-quality herbal remedies in small batches. In a world of "quick fixes" and readily available pills, it seems important to explore the other side of the medicinal world through herbal and natural remedies. In full transparency, I didn't truly know a lot, if anything, about herbalism. While researching for the episode though, the thought occurred to me: in a world that has fully accepted the importance of food for our overall health, appearance, mood, and sleep, why doesn't this seem to apply to herbs?


The first part of this episode may sound familiar. We start with a short in-studio interview. I want to understand Sara's background, and what led her to finding herbalism. I also want to understand some herbalism basics, as well as different delivery mechanisms for ingesting the benefits of herbs. Then, we do something very different. Armed with my portable microphone, I take a tour of Sara's garden, and later, her kitchen. She shows me where her herbs grow, educates me about how to recognize different helpful plants, and shows me what goes in to making her tinctures and tonics. Sara is laid back, intelligent, and extra groovy. She makes this episode 10/10. 

Until next time, 
Jesselyn from The Natural Underground


Sara Steinbeck