why Elderberry Syrup?


We all get sick sometimes; whether we eat the healthiest foods and live a stress-free life, sometimes Mother Nature steps in and does her thing.  But that doesn't mean that we have to reach for traditional medicine to suppress our symptoms. Elderberry syrup is an immune booster that many people use for preventative medicine. One spoonful in the morning and one at night helps increase the immune system and fight off nasty cold and flu viruses.  

Oh, and it tastes great!

Elderberries have been used to treat influenza viruses A & B for centuries, and have proven to reduce flu-like symptoms days sooner than a placebo. 

This stuff really works!

The process

Elderberries aren’t found very commonly in the wild in Austin (not to say they don’t ever grow here. They do. Just not rampantly. They prefer wetter areas.) Thus, I source from an online company that pays a lot of attention to quality. Almost all of their botanicals are sourced directly from the farmers and growers. They also use Good Manufacturing Practices, which ensures the highest quality and safety standards are met at their facility.  Their standards and operations have been reviewed and certified from Silliker Labs, a leading international consulting and testing laboratory. The Elderberries I get are certified organic.

I use local honey and high quality Bourbon (none of the cheap stuff). I like Bourbon because it is all produced domestically. (and of course it tastes great!). An added bonus is that my mom’s family is from Kentucky.

All other “secret” ingredients (fruits, spices, etc.) I either get from my garden or local grocery stores and are all organic.


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