A Lovely Contradiction


I am a lovely contradiction.
I'm an intuitive, a spirit guide, and a healer. But I'm also a badass businesswoman, a director of sales, and an operations coordinator. 

There is an amazing poet that I have come to love named Atticus. His words can be short and sweet or long and verbose, and either way, they speak straight to your soul. The unique thing about Atticus is that no one actually knows who he is. Atticus is not his real name. Anytime he makes a public appearance, he wears a mask. Interesting, right? Why do you think he chooses to remain anonymous?

We live in a world where we're raised to act a certain way, to look a certain way, to BE a certain way. Atticus's philosophy is that he doesn't want the way he looks to have an impact on how he feels or how others feel about what he should write. He wants to write from his heart with no strings attached. I think we all struggle with this concept. I know I do. 

I am an herbalist so I should dress like a hippie, I should eat a vegan diet, I should speak whimsically, and heaven forbid if I get sick...what would that show my clients??...You know what? It's ok to say "screw it!" to all of that bologna and do whatever the heck you want. You are only supposed to be one way...the way that aligns most with your Inner Spirit and you Inner Voice. We are all unique, wonderful contradictions and that is what makes us beautiful.    

Sara SteinbeckComment